Early Head Start Facts

Do you have a BABY or TODDLER and want daycare?

What if the daycare is free!

What if it is also an early childhood education program!  What a deal!

Try ICS, Inc. Early Head Start program.

Are your PREGNANT?  Interested in a no cost learning and support program?

Try ICS, Inc. Early Head Start program.

  • ICS, Early Head Start was established in 1998 to provide child & family development services for pregnant women & families with infants & toddlers, ages birth up to age three.
  • Low-wealth annual income families receive preference for enrollment, as do pregnant teens and those in high risk pregnancies.
  • The program provides early, continuous, intensive, and comprehensive child development and family support services.
  • The program promotes early learning; therefore, school readiness. This happens by enhancing your child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.
  • All these EHS services support the parents’ efforts to fulfill their parental roles. Our parents are our partners.

EHS is free!  Parents are not charged daycare costs nor tuition.

  • Infants starting at eight weeks may be considered for enrollment. Infant childcare costs about $1,760 per month in the US.
  • EHS is free for infants. No daycare charges!  Average infant daycare runs $425.00 per week in our area, about 13% of the average family’s budget & if a Single Parent family even more.
  • EHS also serves Toddlers. Head Start takes over for the pre-school years.
  • EHS is free for toddlers. No daycare charges!  Toddler daycare and early learning classes run $1,365 per month in the USA.
  • EHS children get preference for Head Start selection when the child becomes pre-school age.
  • Pregnant Women can also be enrolled. No cost to the future Mother either.  Lots of support, resources, and parenting education.
  • For a healthy pregnancy and birth outcome, EHS assists expectant families with acquiring prenatal, postpartum, mental wellness, medical & dental services.
  • Expectant families receive training and information on fetal development including risk from smoking and alcohol use, labor & delivery, and postpartum recovery including depression.
  • An enrolled Pregnant Mom’s child will have preference for EHS selection & if ICS can’t get your child enrolled right away, caseworkers will assist in linking you to other child care sources.
  • Diapers, formula, and any other supplies needed for enrolled children are provided at no cost during operational hours. Diapers cost about $25.00 per week so EHS saves the family about $50.00 each month on diaper costs.
  • No cost healthy USDA approved meals are served. Those meals could cost the family $100.00 each week.
  • EHS classrooms are staffed with two qualified teachers with a ratio of one adult to 4 children; better than state requirements.
  • EHS schedules & routines are individualized. Babies are held when bottle fed.
  • Safety First! Infants & Toddlers have a separate playground.
  • ICS, EHS is located in 13 of the fourteen counties where ICS provides services.
  • ICS, EHS is in Benton, Clay, DeSoto, Grenada, Lafayette, Lowndes, Marshall, Noxubee, Oktibbeha, Panola, Tallahatchie, Tate, & Tunica counties.
  • Currently ICS, EHS serves 320 children and 28 Pregnant Moms/Expectant Families.

Just a few ICS, EHS Facts:

  • In EHS, 97% for of the parents actively volunteer and participate in parenting sessions on the Parent Curriculum topics, while the national rate is only 43.1%. What a good program!
  • In EHS, last year 100% of ICS children were connected with Medical and Dental providers, and complete or up-to-date on immunizations.
  • In EHS 100% of the families and children received Nutrition education, far higher than the national level of 48.5% and the state level of 62.1%.