The last few months, weeks and days have been difficult for Americans across the country. We have all faced challenges that impact our physical, mental and emotional health. You may be experiencing feelings of stress, fear, exhaustion and even anger. You are not alone! Click the image below for information related to trauma and the 3 stages to recovery.

I hope this helps someone. Stay safe ICS family.


Managing COVID 19 Anxiety

As we are all coming back to face a new "normal" in the mist of COVID 19, it should be noted and understandable that some staff may be experiencing anxiety or stress due to returning. Click HERE for information on managing COVID 19 stress/anxiety. Click the image below for a short YouTube video on the same. I hope this helps someone!

Note: Wellness Wednesday will be discontinued after this month. But don't fret....Therapeutic Thursdays will take it's place:-)

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