Eloise McClinton, Executive Director


Mrs. Eloise Phillips McClinton was born in the Pleasant Hill area of DeSoto County to the parents of Clifton and Elnora Phillips. She is the eighth of twelve children. She graduated with honors from Southaven High School and received her bachelor’s degree in social work from Rust College, and a master’s degree in community counseling from the University of Mississippi.  Her love for people is most evident in her employment history. She was employed as a mental health consultant at Communicare, Inc. in Holly Springs, MS for eleven years. In August of 1991, she accepted the position of Social Services Director at ICS Head Start in Holly Springs. Since her employment with ICS, she has had extensive training in the Head Start arena. She has attended training at local, state, regional and national levels. She has presented workshops at the National Head Start Conference, Mississippi Head Start Conference, North Mississippi Child Care Conferences, and the Mississippi Reading Conference.  She is a licensed social worker, with certification in the Provision of Day Treatment Services, State Department of Mental Health, and with certification in Alcohol and Drug Assessment and Treatment Planning. In 2002, Mrs. McClinton was promoted to serve as the Deputy Director of ICS Head Start, and in 2007 she was promoted to Executive Director of ICS, Inc. 

From the Desk of the Executive Director


The Institute of Community Services, Inc. (ICS) is ready and willing to share our data updates, progress and challenges of this agency with our community partners, government officials, schools, parents and others who wish to receive this information. Our children are steadily making improvements and it's because everyone is working together to make a difference. The 2017-2018 has been a challenging year in the area of maintaining funded enrollment in lieu of public school opening more pre-k classrooms. ICS Head Start and public school are developing workable partnership arrangements to share resources in order to implement high quality programs for our children. The old proverb “It takes a village to raise a child,” is still true today. It takes different agencies, providing different services and resources, working together to increase the target level required for our children to be prepared for kindergarten.

At ICS, all our teachers have bachelor’s degrees, and teacher assistants have credential degrees in Child Development (CDA), associate degrees, or higher. The agency continues to ensure that all our staff are engaged in professional development training to enhance the learning of our children and families.

Based upon research, Head Start has many advantages for children that appear immediately, last a lifetime, and even influence other generations. As you review our Annual Report, observe the different services that were provided to the children throughout the program year. See the impact indicated by the data generated from the children’s initial entry and exit assessments from the program. You too, will agree we made progress!

I want to thank all our staff for a job well done! Our agency's motto is "Making Small Miracles A Great Success." Our administration and staff, along with our stakeholders and stakeholder partners, continually work together to make this happen!

Warms Regards,


2018-2019 Annual Reports

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